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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Can't Help but Smile

I have a tendency to go into deep theological waters on my blog, so I decided to lighten up a bit and share a page from my "2011 Fishing journal"... I hope this story makes you smile and motivates you to share your good gifts with someone else...

I wet a line for the first time of the season on June the 16th. A little late in the season to be out for the first time, but this trip was worth the wait. I had the opportunity to share the sport with a Dad, who had little fishing experience and his autistic son of 5, who really wanted to go fishing. Nothing fits that bill, like bluegills, so we headed for a golf course with the gear, some crawlers, and little Jack in tow. Not only are those little pond’s filled with fish; they are not heavily fished, and have few snags, which is a good combination when you’re five years old.

Plenty of action is what we were going for and the pond did not disappoint. Their whole family decided to come, so I brought a couple extra rods. Fun was had by all, but especially little Jack. Every time his bobber went under and his pole would bend from a 3” bluegill, he would let out a squeal of delight that echoed for a mile! If you have a strong aversion to smiling, this sight and sound is the cure. It was a better noise than the ripping drag followed by “fish on!” in a Salmon derby. Promise to self: “Share the joy of fishing with the children”.

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