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Friday, November 2, 2012

My opinion, for what it's worth, on the election: Some have suggested we write in the name of Jesus, next week, to make a statement, because of misalignment of faith. We need not write in the name of Jesus, because He did not enter this race. It would be a wasted vote. Jesus is already King of Kings, not because of an election, but because of his innate sovereignty. We do of course vote for Jesus, anytime we submit to his authority. His authority over us will guide us in the discernment process.I do believe that how we vote reveals our convictions about God and our neighbor. Others have been advocates of abstaining from voting, as it is a choice of one evil over another. We always hope to choose the lesser of two evils, because no one on earth is perfect. We all fall short of the glory of God. It is my conviction that not voting, as a Christian is irresponsible, and demonstrates, not only poor stewardship of a gift from God, but also a lack of love for our neighbor. Many in this Nation live in spiritual darkness, and do not have the Holy Spirit to guide their decisions. If a believer votes in the fear of God to honor his moral requirements, it is to the betterment of the nation, as it may keep evil at bay, enough to avoid the wrath of God. On the positive side of things, it may even bring the Lord's blessing upon us. We let the word's "God Bless America" roll off our tongue pretty easily, but do we really expect God to bless a nation that does not honor him as God? Politicians frequently say "And May God Bless the United States of America" at the end of their speeches, with little regard to what the speech was about. I ask, "what would need to be in the speech that would cause America to Bless God?" Many vote according to political loyalty. I have both Democrats and Republicans in my heritage. As parties change, our loyalty to them can change as well. There was a day when Democrats and Republicans were much closer together in relation to moral behavior. They had different views on economics and role of government, but were in agreement in moral code for the most part. The Democratic party of today has championed government funded abortion, sexual immorality, homosexual marriage, anti-Israel policies, pro Hamas policy, and fiscal irresponsibility. While the Democratic party was not founded on these principles, the official platform of the party of today is taking on a disposition of rebellion against Godly living. I've even heard people say "You can't be a Christian and also be a Democrat." I don't agree with that, but as the party continues to depart from Godly principles the party will continue to alienate the Christians who remain. Finally, as the primary purpose of government in the Bible is to guard the good and protect the weak, I will cast my vote for the party or persons who I believe will best be able to do that. In this election that will be Mitt Romney. In addition to the moral reasons, I believe the projection of weakness and dhimmitude toward Islamic nations has increased the threat to our National Security, and weakened our rapport with Israel.According to the scriptures, the enemy of Israel is an enemy of God, as they are "the apple of his eye". I believe the long term effect of our current course is one that will embolden our enemies and weaken our relationship with our allies. In a world that has ever increasing threats, the one area the current administration has decided to cut, is the US military.

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