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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Crying Over Spilled Oil

The daily news stories of the catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf is cause for great frustration, anger and sadness in me. Accidents happen every day. Plenty of well intentioned people cause harm to others when bad circumstances come together. My frustration in this debacle is that no one is pulling out all the stops to stop this river of oil, conveniently called "a leak" from polluting what God has put us in charge of! Instead of making every effort to clean it up, the politicians seem more interested in how they can spin it for their advantage.

The president has used it as a platform to stop oil drilling in the Gulf, and for the global warming (pardon me, the climate change)agenda. Conservatives seem content to use the poor management of the situation as a whipping stick on the current administration. Oil companies have spent a lot of advertising dollars to reassure us how much they care about the environment. BP, despite it's incompetence, continues to tell us that they are doing everything they can.

Meanwhile, millions of people's livelihoods and likely billions of God's creatures are being wrecked every day. We came up with the technology to put men on the moon 40 years ago, but we can't seem to coordinate our efforts well enough to plug this hole?! I am not a rocket scientist, but has anyone thought of dropping a huge cement block over the thing? It is a sin against God and his wondrous creation, and people are treating it as a political opportunity. I weep along with the creation and those poor folks who live in the Gulf region.

I am appealing to a greater power- Dear Lord, please provide us with someone with the authority, means, and intelligence who can take charge and stop this flow of oil. And Lord, please help them get past the politicians to get it done soon. Amen.


  1. I can't even listen to the news when this subject comes on. It sickens me. We were just on the coast ( New Orleans and then Biloxi and Gulf Port MS) several weeks before the explosion and were so saddened already by the damage left behind from Katrina. We noted all the business etc that was totally absent from the coast, couldn't even find a place to eat right on the coast overlooking the water. The one thing we did note were the beautiful white sandy beaches, and now they will be /are ruined too-along with everything living in the water like you said the lives ruined because their livelihood has been destroyed. I agree with your thoughts about the politics over the whole thing, that seems to be the problem with so many other situations that should have solutions but they would rather make someone else look bad to further their agenda than remedy the situation. praying that prayer with you
    Cindy Hoitink